Drawing Hands and Feet

In our Live drawing sessions it’s always the extremities that don’t get enough attention, so today I followed a workshop Drawing Hands and Feet. We started with drawing our own hands and in the afternoon we had a model for them and the feet:






These above were modeled by Emi and the following are mine, starting with a difficult foreshortening:


Here we held a cup first, then took the cup away to draw the pose – I left a little impression of the cup in the drawing:


The last ones here are some of the firsts of this morning, still a bit insecure…


I loved the workshop and also was very happy to hold a pencil again after my adventure with oil paint ๐Ÿ™‚

Birthday Flowers

Last week I came home and found a beautiful bouquet of flowers on my doorstep from a very dear friend. This inspired me to make a still life, to practice with oil colors. Iโ€™m pretty happy with the result for now as a start, but I hope to learn to make the brush strokes more loosely, in the direction of impressionism or the French Modernists.

Birthday Flowers

Beautiful Linde

This Sunday morning was our last live drawing session this summer, with one of our best models Linde. A few of the (10-15 min) sketches:

FullSizeRender (2)

FullSizeRender (3)

FullSizeRender (1)

The very firsts were 2 minutes, searching for a more steady hand:

First sketch

and then 5 minutes:


If I can make it, we will draw Linde again next Tuesday in a private group. Am looking forward to it!

Male figure

It has been a while since Iโ€™ve been to our drawing sessions, but yesterday I was able to go. Mike was our model and itโ€™s always a bit of a challenge, because we mainly draw the female figure. Iโ€™m still looking for a more free drawing style, I guess itโ€™s just a matter of practice. Here are two of the sketches, with charcoal and chalk in about 10 min:


Mike June’16


Dana today

The first time this year that you can feel spring. The sun is out and the air is a little bit warm even.We had a nice drawing session this morning with Dana. Like always starting and ending with 2 min poses and with 5 to 10 to 20 minutes in between. I still feel a bit stuck, want to add more to a sketch like a better background, more color. Oh well, these are the ones from today:

2 min

Dana 2min

5 min each

Dana 5min

10 min eachDana 10 min

about 15 min

Dana 15-20 min

15 to 20 min

Dana 15-20 min

5 min, on much smaller paper

Dana 5 min

two of the 2 min sketches at the end of the session, also on a small sheet just trying to capture the movement.

Dana 2 min


Charcoal pencil, about 15 minutes – but I finished earlier; trying to avoid drawing too much, hoping to catch the pose only with the most necessary lines.

The next sketch the same, with pencil.

Still a lot of practice is needed, foreshortening, hands and feet, anatomy, and more. I’m looking forward to the next session after the Easter holidays.

Have a lovely Sunday ๐Ÿ™‚

Male figure sketches




There was more time to work on the first 3 sketches; the next were made in about 5 minutes:MikeMikeMike

Still there’s no zoom option like there was before; then you could click on the image to single it out and there was a magnifying glass to see more details – if there is anyone who could give me a tip about restoring this, I’d really appreciate that ๐Ÿ™‚