Painting outside again

Yesterday we were painting en plein air. It’s a nice location: country estate Schaep en Burgh. I had gouache paint with me and some watercolor pencils.  The building is in reality  out of sight, but I thought it was nicer to place it here, instead of more trees.

Landgoed Schaep en Burgh


Before the rain

We had just an hour, maybe a bit more before it started to rain. So I brought just pencils to sketch the view on paper and maybe create another drawing/painting at home from a photo. Here’s the sketch, will post another version eventually to compare.

Lane in the forest

I have been organizing the garage all week (not finished yet), so that I have all my DIY, sculpture- and drawing/painting tools ordered and within reach. I can’t wait to start live drawing again, a subject I’m most comfortable with I guess, for drawing outside doesn’t come easy to me, but I will also work more on painting other subjects and making sculptures, the coming season. For all this I really have to have more order in the work space. A friend of mine, who made children’s programs for television had a perfectly organized workshop. He said it gave him the most freedom to create.


Painting outside

Drawing/painting outside is wonderful. I discovered that there is a lot to learn, a lot. Where do you start on the paper, which colors to choose, which medium at all. Depth, shadows, lines or no lines. And the longer you study the view the more you see. Well, the first creation was not that great, then i tried to do it all over again at home and it got a little better, but that’s from a photo. Here the 2 works, just shared as a study to see where it will go the next few weeks…. I just packed my brushes, paper, paint etc. and am about to leave for another session en plein air with my art friends 🙂from photoThis is the one from photo

Painting outside 1The first attempt on location.