Linde again

Today we were drawing/painting Linde in one pose. It was a private session and there was no time limit. So I focused first on getting the proportions right with pencil and then carefully added some watercolor and lines with watercolor pencil. Don’t think it’s finished yet, will see….


And the next sketch I forgot to post last Sunday. It’s on thick grey colored paper, which is also useable for paint. Will use that to experiment a little during the holidays.


Beautiful Linde

This Sunday morning was our last live drawing session this summer, with one of our best models Linde. A few of the (10-15 min) sketches:

FullSizeRender (2)

FullSizeRender (3)

FullSizeRender (1)

The very firsts were 2 minutes, searching for a more steady hand:

First sketch

and then 5 minutes:


If I can make it, we will draw Linde again next Tuesday in a private group. Am looking forward to it!


This morning was the penultimate live drawing session before summer vacation. Lovely Dana was our model again. I saved only two sketches, those with minimal lines:


🙂 And a big thank you for all the likes and follows so far! ❤

Sunday morning live drawing session

Today we had a beautiful model! She is the lead singer of a ten man band (soul/jazz style from ’63 to the ‘70s). in her repertoire there are songs of Aretha Franklin, Wilson Pickett, Whitney Houston, Ella … etc.  I just heard a few songs on Youtube and I’m blown away. What an artist! We were very lucky to have her.

Three of the sketches of about 15 min:



This morning we had a live drawing session with lovely Chandana as our model. Lately I’m really not content with my work so I didn’t post for a while, but I keep practicing, searching. Here’s one of the drawings (15 min), just posting this mainly to push myself, I think. Her hand is somewhat strange, should have worked more on the mudra that she made.


Esther, a portrait

Our last portrait session of the year is mostly also a live drawing session. Didn’t know where to begin, what I wanted, so I made several drawings. Here two of them; one with the whole figure in which I tried to forget about getting it perfect, just played a bit with colour and the composition. The second a portrait, with not too much lines, well there was not much time left anyway:

Esther, a portrait 1
Esther portrait1
Esther, a portrait 2