Cat sitting


Am cat sitting for 2 weeks, so I thought let’s give it a try to draw her. I just had started when she thought it was very interesting 🙂

And then she took over…DeeDee draws

So I’m having a little break from drawing until I’m home again.

Before the rain

We had just an hour, maybe a bit more before it started to rain. So I brought just pencils to sketch the view on paper and maybe create another drawing/painting at home from a photo. Here’s the sketch, will post another version eventually to compare.

Lane in the forest

I have been organizing the garage all week (not finished yet), so that I have all my DIY, sculpture- and drawing/painting tools ordered and within reach. I can’t wait to start live drawing again, a subject I’m most comfortable with I guess, for drawing outside doesn’t come easy to me, but I will also work more on painting other subjects and making sculptures, the coming season. For all this I really have to have more order in the work space. A friend of mine, who made children’s programs for television had a perfectly organized workshop. He said it gave him the most freedom to create.


Belgian Blue

Cows at a local organic farm. They were great models for today, very patient.  Happy cows, but with numbers; I’m afraid with short lives…Belgian Blue cows

This first one was with only pencil, but not quite clear so I added some lines with a 0.1 pen.

Belgian Blue cow

Will study more cow anatomy, which will help in further drawings.

ArtPoseFE App

This is nice app to play with. You can choose and adapt the poses, change lighting and ‘walk’ around the figure with the ‘camera’, take a photo to save. After drawing the figure with pencil I experimented with ink. Don’t know yet if it’s for the bin, but it was a nice exercise. There’s also an app for the male figure: ArtPose.

ArtPoseFE 1

Drawing exercises and a session with Priscilla

Lately I start with some drawings at home before I leave for our Live Drawing session on Sundays. Here 2 quick drawing exercises from Sheldon’s Art Academy (more info in the next post) I did last Sunday:

Exercises Sheldon's Art Academy

Exercise SAA

Our model was Priscilla from Aruba.

We always start with 5 poses of 2 minutes, one of them was this:

Priscilla 2min

We end the morning with a few short poses. This one was 2 min with fountain-pen:

Priscilla 2min