Just pencil

Sometimes you feel that you can’t get anything right, especially when you try to work with new material or techniques. First you think: well this is fun – and after a while you feel confused and can’t get anything right on your paper/canvas. At least, that is how it often goes for me and every time I realize I don’t practice enough. One or two days a week is nothing. Yesterday evening I went back to pencil and eraser. That still didn’t work until the last pose. It was 15 minutes, but I worked a bit longer on the shadow. It was a led class, so I got some good tips, corrected the right leg and added more background.


I remember one of our seasoned fellow artists; he only had a little sketchbook, a pencil and some water-color in his pocket, sat down somewhere, spit in his hand and started to create little master pieces. But then again: I think he woke up every day with a pencil/brush in his hand…

Wednesday evening sketches

An unexpected session with Esther. When you’re tired and you feel yourself mainly struggling, it is nice to get some encouragement from fellow artists; they thought these sketches were ok. The 3 on one page were 5 minutes, the next one 15min. I still think there must be a way to make them more interesting – maybe prepare sheets of paper with some water-color beforehand…  Will try that next time.