More practice needed


Some of yesterday’s sketches, the first ones 5 minutes, second 10. I try to add more color, within that time. To work on them later without the model I find really difficult, because the moment with her is gone. And then there is the risk you paint the life out of it. This week I’ll spend more time on drawing and painting at home; experiment with different techniques and materials, see how that will work out next Sunday.

Back to Half Primary

Since January 2013, at the age of 58,5 I started with Ashtanga yoga. The first few months learning about the Primary Series as much as I could, practicing every day depending on my energy levels and building it up to Half Primary for 4 to 6 times a week. There are great instruction dvd’s and youtube videos that enable you to learn the series without risk for injuries – if you inform yourself well. This practice now became part of my healing path (from ulcerative colitis) and I believe it helps tremendously. After a bad relapse early last month (due to adding certain foods too soon) I’m back to Half Primary today. It was a nice coincidence, that I found this post on twitter yesterday, so I followed this class this morning:

There aren’t many vids with just the Half Primary series; enjoy! 🙂