‘Rasa’ is a word composition of my surname and my mom’s birthplace. It also has various meanings that I like: ’empty’ in Latin (like in tabula rasa, clean slate) and ‘essence, emotion’ in Sanskrit, which is related to the arts like dance, music, theatre, literature, painting, the healing arts and in a theological sense it means divine love. All I’m interested in and would like to blog about, so this name seemed appropriate. Studies I have completed: Academy of Ballet, Psychology/Education and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Due to health problems later in life, I had to educate myself in the healing effects of nutrition, so this subject will come back often. I don’t have exactly in mind how I want my blog/site to be – so it’s really a tabula rasa. Locke’s idea of the concept is: we as humans are born with an empty mind and from then on everything we learn in our lives is a contribution to the person we become. So, this blog will develop similarly; lots to learn and some changes may be added along the way.

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10 thoughts on “About”

      1. It takes some time to get a WP site to the way you want it. I’m still tweaking mine after a year. I love your artwork, you’re very talented! These days I travel with my partner, which is loads of fun 🙂

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      2. How nice; with the right travel companion it’s always better 🙂
        My parents traveled a lot for 30 years, they have been everywhere but Australia and Japan. They left us 125 albums full of photographs of nature, temples, historic places etc. I’ll look for some to paint/draw when I get more time. They also loved their old VW bus 🙂 I wish you happy travels!

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    1. Hopefully I’ll get more time to draw/paint, the photo’s will be a new subject for me as I’m only used to sketch the human figure. At the moment I’m busy clearing out my parents house and also my own, after that there will be more space for creative things. I’m not that confident about my art work, so thank you for the encouragement! 🙂

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