Dana today

The first time this year that you can feel spring. The sun is out and the air is a little bit warm even.We had a nice drawing session this morning with Dana. Like always starting and ending with 2 min poses and with 5 to 10 to 20 minutes in between. I still feel a bit stuck, want to add more to a sketch like a better background, more color. Oh well, these are the ones from today:

2 min

Dana 2min

5 min each

Dana 5min

10 min eachDana 10 min

about 15 min

Dana 15-20 min

15 to 20 min

Dana 15-20 min

5 min, on much smaller paper

Dana 5 min

two of the 2 min sketches at the end of the session, also on a small sheet just trying to capture the movement.

Dana 2 min

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    1. 🙂 We always sketch like this, from 2 to 15 or 20 min, which is good for training the hand and hand-eye coordination. I’d love to spend more time on an art piece at home, but momentarily am distracted by other projects. Until then I’m happy with our weekly sessions for the exercise.

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